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RoleplayLives helps you connect and explore new worlds.
A social network is not cheap and easy to run. It requires a lot of time, energy, and yes, money. We were lucky enough to have a private backer who believed in us enough to donate part of the monthly costs needed for basic hosting. That was way back when hosting was only $40 a month though. It is now $300 just for hosting costs. If we wanted to spam everyone with advertisements and sell user information, that would make us no better than the place we all left.

Upgrades to the script, add-ons, plugins, increased functionality, server upgrades due to traffic spikes... all of these things cost money because it changes the basic core of the main script itself. Since we don't want to run annoying ads, we decided to see if simple donations and fundraising could support the site before we looked at other ways to monetize.

If you would like to donate to help keep the site running smoothly, or to enable upgrades and new features, every little bit is thoroughly appreciated! RoleplayLives prefers Paypal as that is how we pay the developers.

Here is our current monthly costs as of January, so people can see where the money goes.

Hosting- $300

Domain Services- $2

Support- $55

As of July 2023 we have $918 in the reserve account for features and upgrades.

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If you'd like to donate but don't have a credit card or bank account you are willing to link, please contact Kalypso Skotos for a mailing address that can accept money orders, cashiers checks, or any other form of payment that is easiest for you. Every little bit counts towards making this site a great, functional place to be. Donations are non-refundable, as they are used to pay for the bills while a user is a member of the site. If that user is no longer here for any reason, the donations are presumed to have been used for that user while that user was a member. Also remember, if you do donate using ANY of these methods, please contact Kalypso with the name it was under and what account names you'd like added to the monthly cover banner raffle. fb_smile