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Have you checked the RPL Helpdesk?

Have you read the Known Bugs blog there?

Read the FAQ , linked in the left hand menu?

Checked out the User Tutorials on that same page?

Have you checked the RPL profile for breaking news?

Have you checked the RPL Crew profile for tips and tricks? You can also inbox him for help directly.

What about the Facebook Page for news of the site being down or maintenance being done?

If ALL are "yes" and you still want to send an email,

be sure to select a category so it will be properly sorted.

Thank you!


Since people aren't reading the text and

we spend a lot of time answering the same exact question over and over,

we've tried to make it a little easier to spot this.

Please do NOT send a support ticket for the Captcha.

It is NOT a bug.

We have listed the screenshot above.

Since people aren't seeing that, we've also listed it below.

We don't want you to have to wait until an admin gets online to join. :)

Please Note - if your account has been left alone for 90 days, it has been swept as abandoned. There is no way to recover a deleted account. This is in the TOS, and posted in lots of places. If this is the case or if you deleted the account yourself, you do NOT need another invitation. Simply recreate the account with the email address you used previously. We CANNOT invite the same email twice.

If you'd like an invitation for a NEW account, please send us the NEW email you'd like to have invited when selecting 'Invitation Request' below.

Please allow up to 48 hours for invitation requests to be processed as this is done manually by site staff. Sending duplicate requests in hopes of getting a faster response will only slow things down for everyone. Thanks.

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