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About RoleplayLives

Writing at its heart is about communication. About finding something that makes you smile when the rest of the world is dark and dreary. Many of us found a home on a large social network that was, unfortunately, not conducive to our needs. Friends were having all their hard work destroyed in an instant. Others were being bullied but too afraid to say anything for fear of drawing scrutiny on themselves. It shouldn't be that way.

We needed a safe, open place where we could write our stories without fear of drama, without fear of big brother looking over our shoulders. We needed a safe haven, where we are all free to be the person that we see when we close our eyes. Yet we've never had a viable place to go. I intended to change that. RoleplayLives is a network for us, for everyone who has been labeled an outcast, who has fought to get their stories told, and for the readers that love to read them.

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All users are welcome on RPL, regardless of past experiences elsewhere. We will never deny the right of any roleplayer to use RPL until they have demonstrated that they cannot adhere to the rules of RPL. Please respect the rights of other users on the site.

Welcome home.

~ Kaly, founder and admin

“The best way of successfully acting a part is to be it.” Arthur Conan Doyle
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